This Week in Hollywood History: September Seven.

Anthony Perkins, Alfred Hitchcock and Janet Leigh on the set of Psycho (1960)

The second week in September saw some pretty big movie releases, including Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous film. It also saw the death of a Hollywood icon in mysterious circumstances.

September 7, 1960: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is released.

Alfred Hitchcock and Janet Leigh on the set of Psycho (1960) Credit: Photo by Paramount

Arguably Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous film, Psycho was released on this day in 1960. It received mixed reviews on release and was shot on a budget by a television crew and in black and white, a departure from his previous blockbuster North by Northwest. Starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh, Psycho become a cultural phenomenon with audiences around the world and has become a major work of art and considered Hitchcock’s finest. 

September 7, 1968: Funny Girl is released. 

Barbra Streisand on the set of Funny Girl.

Directed by one of my favorite directors, William Wyler and starring Barbra Streisand in her first film role as Fanny Brice. Funny Girl was a major commercial and critical success. Streisand went on to win the award for Best Actress at the 1969 Academy Awards, tying with Katherine Hepburn. 

September 10, 1965: Dorothy Dandridge dies.

Hollywood legend Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge died on this date in 1965. Ms Dandridge was one of the earliest black film stars and the first woman of colour to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Carmen Jones. A trail blazer and legend, Dandridge passed away at the age of 42. 

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